We have a Runner

Last night we let Castiel out of the soft crate in the house to lie on the living room floor with me while I worked on the jigsaw puzzle. He was rolling around with his belly in the air all happy. Then the next second he was at the base of the staircase and a second after that he dashed up the stairs like a bat out of hell before we could even get off the floor.  Now we’re in our 50s but we’re not that slow.  He made it all the way upstairs and to our bed with us hollering after him.  He’s not supposed to be walking much and certainly no jumping, and absolutely no stairs. When we caught up to him, he was curled up on our bed in his usual spot looking very smug and content.  “Purr,” he said. We checked his sutures and all his legs over and over – each one of us examining him very closely to make sure he hadn’t ripped any sutures. We were terrified that he had gotten away from us. We had no idea he could move this quickly or even manage one stair nevermind an entire steep staircase. It sure as heck won’t be happening again in the next 14-17 days. I’m checking with the neighbors right now for a toddler blockade that we can place there — and we’re going to need to be much more careful about supervision outside the recovery room or soft crate. Our family thought he would just stay still after surgery – shut down – and never move again. This is not the case at all.

Thankfully, he is fine and he doesn’t seem any the worse for his big adventure, but he  did give us quite a scare. I gather he just wants everything back to normal. After all that effort, we figured we ought to accommodate him, so we moved the whole gang, us and his siblings, into the upstairs bedroom and we watched tv up there until bedtime. Castiel was very happy. All three cats nestled onto the bed and everyone was content.

We did take Castiel to the downstairs recovery room at bedtime. My husband slept with him on the mattress last night — there’s no furniture to jump on in that room so he can be safe and protected while his hoomans sleep. It’s 11 am and I just checked on the two of them. Castiel had an early breakfast (as he likes it) and he was able to use the box and he had a bowel movement so all systems are functioning normally. And now Castiel and my husband are back to sleep and are napping away the day. It’s kind of a grey, foggy day here so not a bad day to sleep in — and admittedly, it’s been a rough week on everybody.


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  1. Yaaay, Castiel, for showing your great on 3. You show the family and naysayers, buddy. Ha, we know better:) NEVER underestimate a three-legged cat. 😁 Yes, they move much faster on 3 legs; they have to to get momentum.

    Glad to see all systems a go (💩); whoo, hoo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Take it easy, Castile please, you have a few weeks yet to heal, buddy!
    Holly, Mark, Purrkins & Saxton

  2. So cheeky!
    I got pet stairs for my bedroom and each night I take Benjamin to bed with me. I guess your fella just wanted to be in his favourite spot!
    I have video of Benjamin (on day 2 at home) launching himself on to my son’s bed (high hospital bed) while I was in the kitchen. I left him 2 minutes snoozing safely on the sofa, came back and he was on Lewis’ bed! I watched the camera to see how he did it – very cheeky little man!

    It is so great to know our kids have their spirit untouched but scary at the same time at the worry of further injury or damage.

    Benjamin is 2 months post surgery – it won’t be long until Castiel is 2 months post op too and what a difference it makes!

    Love to you all

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Your post encouraged us to allow him to come back to the usual bed with su and his siblings. We set up a ramp against the end of the bed and two steps on each side of the bed and lots of padding in between in case of loss of balance. Castiel has been able to get up and down like a pro and he could certainly move at breakfast time. Your Benjamin and my Castiel are two peas out of the same pod. Very determined to be where they want to be. Thank you for the encouraging words. I just hope Castiel stays healthy.

  3. Oh my gosh! LOL just when I thought that Castiel was like “OK I give in, I’ll recover the way you want me to and not do anything crazy,” WHAMMO! There he gooooooes!

    Cats will be cats but it really sounds like he’s healing so well that even an antic like this won’t set him back. You guys are awesome for taking such great care of him.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Yes, He really shocked us. We had no idea he could move so fast. Thankfully, all his stitches are in place. A neighbor loaned us a baby gate to prevent him from from going up and down the stairs during his recovery. He is doing so much better than we could have imagined.

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