Tomorrow is Surgery Day

We still don’t know if we can do this. Tonight we hope, we pray, we cross our fingers and toes, and we give Castiel lots and lots of kisses. I don’t know if we can hand him over to the vet technician tomorrow. I just don’t know.  I don’t know how to be brave. I hope Castiel does.


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Surgery Day”

  1. For me, this pretty much says it all:
    “The oncologist recommended we remove his left leg and scapula to give him the best chance of survival and a prolonged life. She said radiation and chemotherapy alone wouldn’t likely work.”

    As far a quality of life, there a dozens of good examples on this website of amped cats and dogs that had long, happy lives post-amp. In fact, I can think of three cats on this site that have only TWO legs and are fine!

    My tripawd Jet has been neutered, front-declawed, and had a leg removed, so he’s got plenty of reason to be “depressed”, but he’s as happy and playful as any other cat I’ve encountered. Feel free to check out his blog.

    Whatever ya’ll decide, we support you!

    1. Thank you Brad! It’s stories like yours that encourage us. We think Castiel will adapt and we hope have a good quality of life. He’s very food motivated and if nothing else, the search for extra chow will probably get him moving. Although, he is going on a vet directed slimming plan to aid his mobility. Hopefully, he’ll still want to play feather toy and roll about with his belly in the air. I know things will be different but I hope he will be happy – and importantly, still love us.

    1. Thank you so much. I don’t know how we got through this day. I think you must be right. You can do a lot of things when you have to. I can tell you though that this morning we didn’t want to be adults making hard decisions. We just wanted to hide under the blankets and go back to sleep with Castiel and pretend this terrible thing didn’t happen. If only love was enough to cure cancer.

  2. Thank you Samantha & Benjamina and Brad. We are so grateful for your support. It’s been a really rough day but we’re all hanging in there. We just checked-up on Castiel and he is doing well. He finally peed. He’s uncoordinated and confused but he did try to move about. He’s resting now and has a lot of pain meds on board, so he’s a bit dopey. I was worried that he might be panicking about his condition and I wished I could comfort him. He’s receiving good care though at the vet hospital and they are monitoring him closely, which is important right now. I think we’re all just nervous and scared about the transition. I want him to be Castiel – silly and goofy. It will take time and lots of care and love during these next few weeks but we are hoping for a good outcome. We hope we got rid of the cancer too.

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