My Fur is Growing Back!

Castiel is so happy that his fur is finally growing back. He’s got a nice layer of black fuzz now. Castiel is doing well. He has mastered a hoppy walk. He places his front leg toward the center and splays his back legs a little wider when he walks. He can move fast. I snap the lid back on a can of Fancy Feast and the next thing I know he is right behind me. We’re amazed at how well he can jump and maneuver on the stairs. He utilizes step and ramps for going down mostly — they sure make things easier. He does seem to tire a little easier especially when playing with his siblings but short of that he is doing great.

We’re going to have a second consult about the radiation treatment but are still leaning away from it and toward close and careful monitoring. As we are not certain that his fibrosarcoma was a result of a vaccine — none of the usual markers and not in a normal vaccine spot — there is some question as to whether the radiation is needed. As we understand it, the chance that the cancer could return is 20-35 percent. If it comes back, we’re told the first 1.5 years is the especially worrying time. We have set up regular vet appointments for him for follow-up checks. Fingers crossed. Right now, he seems happy but we panic at the slightest odd behavior. I got worried today because he was hiding in the closet, then I remembered that the doorbell had rang a few minutes earlier. He is not a fan of doorbells. If he gets a fur ball, I fear it is the cancer spreading to his lungs, when in actuality it’s just him hacking up his long-haired sister’s tiger fur (he bathes her daily).ย  She literally sheds a rug daily. I want so much for him to stay healthy and happy.ย  I’m so thankful that he is still with us and that he is his usual loving, silly self.

Castiel and his sister Clover. Best Buddies!
Hanging with my sis
Playing with my siblings Aleksandr and Clover. My box!
Soaking up the afternoon sun
I got up on the window perch all by myself

3 thoughts on “My Fur is Growing Back!”

  1. Awwwww these are such great photos! I love seeing how hoppy he is, and how well the pride is getting along. Life is normal again for them, and for you too! Sure, we all panic at every little thing but as you observed, many of those behaviors were happening before surgery only now they’re magnified because you’re living in this heightened state of awareness. Breathe, and remember that Castiel has this covered. He’s such a strong, smart kitty.

    Let us know how the next consult goes. You’re doing everything right by gathering the info you need to make a decision you are comfortable with, and that is something that Castiel really appreciates! He wants you guys to be back to the way you were, and you’re really there right now. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Hoppy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy to see Castiel is doing so well! ๐Ÿ’
    The pictures are purrfection of the love between these two๐Ÿ’ž. Adorable!!
    If you do not already brush Clover every day, that will help them both:)

    When c shows up in our life, it changes everything for the good and the bad! We find a balance as time goes on, but there is no doubt c changes how we look and act towards everything. Remember you just had a Castiel checked, so try to relax knowing all was clear and you already plan on keeping up on exams. DO NOT allow c to steal your NOW joy. You will undoubtedly get worried about each checkup! I do, but when you hear all is good, you keep moving forward and celebrate!

    I think another consult will help you guys see your path & be able to move forward! One way or another.

    You are still unsettled to me as I read this. I hear what you wish to do and what your fears are, and most understandable!!!

    I know I mentioned this before, but I would also ask about pre-visit meds to HELP Castiel with the ride and visit. Discuss and get the meds with the vet treating Castiel because they will take the premeds into account for sedation if you go or need that route. Its sole purpose is to help Castiel stress less.
    Smooches & chin scratches to the furmily, please.
    Holly & Purrkins๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

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